May 30, 2022

Vinh & Michelle N. – Florida, USA

As a first year ˴Ƭ family, we could not be happier with every aspect of the school. From the quality of their academic program, the support from the administrative and teaching staff, and their modern facilities, ˴Ƭ maintains the perfect balance of being a great international school while still having a smaller and more personalized feel. We chose ˴Ƭ for this reason and our two children continue to thrive in this supportive environment.

As we were planning our arrival to Hong Kong, applying to all the international schools was extremely stressful since we were still living in another country. We knew we wanted to continue with the American curriculum and had several schools to choose from. The ˴Ƭ admissions team was amazing. They were responsive to all our emails, even down to the specific question of school bus routes and pickup and drop off times. They made an effort to get to know us and we did not feel like just another number in the application process. The personal emails from the teachers and administrative staff checking in with us during COVID virtual learning are a testament to their warm and welcoming environment.

In terms of the academic curriculum, ˴Ƭ has it all from the sciences, the arts, and physical education. Their smaller and more personalized approach allows our children to have exposure to all these classes, even though they are in the elementary school. Our first-grade son loves the STEMinn classes in the new lab and is always showing us his inventions and ideas. Our kindergarten daughter loves music class and continues to amaze us with all the Chinese she is learning. Like the administrative staff, the teaching staff really make you feel like you are a part of the ˴Ƭ community. They welcome in-class involvement from parents when appropriate and we have seen firsthand the diverse and inclusive learning environment they make for the children. ˴Ƭ’s academics have absolutely impacted our children in a positive way, fostering their creativity and desire to learn everything from new cultures to ways to save the planet by recycling.

˴Ƭ is the perfect fit for our family’s learning needs. They are receptive to feedback and continually strive to make the school and the community better in every aspect. ˴Ƭ is large enough and has all the aspects of a top tier international school, but is also small enough to make sure every child and family feels intimately involved. It truly has the perfect balance. This is our favorite part about ˴Ƭ and you will immediately experience it when you apply.